Rawalpindi’s district administration in Murree has sprung into action, launching a crackdown on illegal constructions in murree following directives from the Punjab government. Spearheaded by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz’s instructions and overseen by Deputy Commissioner Murree, Agha Zaheer Abbas Shirazi, this operation aims to restore order and enhance civic amenities in the picturesque hill station.

Commissioner Rawalpindi, Aamer Khattak, has formed three dedicated teams to execute this mission, each led by senior officials from various departments, including the Additional Deputy Commissioner Revenue, Assistant Commissioner, and the District Forest Officer. These teams comprise personnel from various disciplines, all briefed on their specific roles and responsibilities.

The primary objective is the effective and decisive elimination of illegal constructions, paving the way for improved civic amenities and a more pleasant experience for residents and visitors alike. Deputy Commissioner Shirazi has underscored the administration’s commitment to transforming Murree into a clean and green destination, urging all stakeholders to contribute by properly disposing of waste in designated garbage bins.

Alongside the crackdown on illegal constructions, the administration is also taking proactive measures to combat artificial price inflation. Price magistrates have been instructed to closely monitor markets and take legal action against any offenders found guilty of overcharging. Hotels and restaurants are also under the scanner, with daily inspections conducted to ensure compliance with the administration’s pricing regulations.

The district administration has vowed to utilize all available resources to maximize comfort and convenience for tourists and locals alike. Residents are encouraged to report any issues or concerns they encounter to the relevant authorities, ensuring prompt resolution and a seamless experience in the hill station.

With these comprehensive measures in place, Murree aims to maintain its charm as a premier tourist destination while upholding the highest standards of civic amenities and ensuring the well-being of its inhabitants and visitors.

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