Lahore: The Punjab government is preparing to implement new legislation to oversee the master plans of commercial projects via a centralised platform, as announced on June 11.

In a recent meeting, Punjab Local Government Minister and Special Committee Convener Zeeshan Rafique revealed this initiative, aiming to regulate the unplanned commercial use of agricultural land. Minister Rafique emphasized the necessity for a robust, sustainable policy crafted in collaboration with all stakeholders to manage the commercialisation of agricultural land. He pointed out the  environmental risks associated with unplanned commercialisation and the importance of regularising residential projects to prevent unauthorised development.

Highlighting the real estate sector’s critical role in providing both direct and indirect employment, Rafique stressed the need to safeguard investors’ capital. He assured that the government would tackle the problems caused by non-regularised illegal schemes, which harm public interest and create uncertainty. During the meeting, District Commissioner Lahore Rafia Haider was tasked with completing sewerage work before the rainy season and considering backward areas in new scheme planning.

Punjab Agriculture Minister Syed Ashiq Hussain Kirmani noted that the involvement of multiple government agencies complicates transactions for both buyers and sellers. The new legislation aims to simplify these processes by protecting public interests under a single authority. Kirmani also advocated for constructing high-rise buildings in smaller areas to optimise land use efficiency and meet the demands of a growing population, underscoring the urgency for actions that ensure food security.

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