Islamabad: Chaudhary Muhammad Ali Randhawa, Chairman of the CDA implements 2020 rules, asreported on May 29. The approval of  the new Efficiency and Discipline Rules 2020 aims to expedite inquiries and ensure accountability within the authority.

These rules introduce clear timelines for inquiries and disciplinary actions to address delays, aiming to improve transparency, internal accountability, and procedural efficiency within the CDA. During a recent meeting, it was highlighted that the Discipline Directorate has concluded nearly 60 inquiries and initiated 55 new ones in the past few months.
The CDA chairman emphasized that the implementation of a punishment and reward system will enhance service delivery and overall performance of the authority’s employees. To ensure strict accountability, the decision was made to adopt the Efficiency and Discipline Rules, 2020.
Over the last three years, 998 inquiries have been concluded, resulting in major penalties for 103 individuals and minor penalties for 631 officers. Additionally, fraudulent plot allotment cases have been referred to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for further investigation and prosecution.

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