The Lahore Development Authority’s (LDA) Town Planning Wing is gearing up to initiate the trial phase of online map approval system in May 2024, according to sources. This update was conveyed to LDA Director General (DG) Tahir Farooq during a meeting held on April 19, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of map approval processes for the business community.

In a strategic partnership, the LDA is collaborating with JS Bank (Zindagi) for the online map approval system. The meeting participants were also informed about the imminent completion of the Town Planning Wing e-library, which will house prototype maps. Director General Farooq underscored the significance of closely monitoring the duration required to obtain necessary clearances from various departments.

The meeting also assessed the Town Planning Wing recent performance, which showcased the issuance of over 3,500 residential building plans, 450 commercial plans, management of 230 commercialization cases, and issuance of 530 completion certificates over the past six months. Additionally, action has been taken against 1,800 properties for engaging in illegal construction and commercial activities.

In response to illegal construction, DG Farooq directed LDA officials to dismantle unlawfully erected structures and disconnect their water connections. Furthermore, he urged the LDA to expedite efforts to address commercial fee defaulters.

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